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***定價包香港普通郵費及包裝 , 加$13.00掛號有追查記錄提供 .

***選購滿HK$ 380.00 免收掛號 HK$13.00


***我們網站上 ,如果不能找到喜歡 , 貨倉 陳列室更多新項目可以供您選擇 .

***  辦公時間週一至週五 : 10至下午六時三十分 ;

星期六至週日致電我們預約 ***


*** Pricing includes regular postage and packaging.  Buyer can pay extra HK$13.00 for registered postage with a tracking number.

Seller is responsible to pay the registered postage of HK$13.00 on purchase of over HK$380.00.

Contact us to confirm if chosen products are in stock before making payment.

We have more new products/items in the showroom.  You are more than welcome to make an appointment to visit our showroom:

*** Office hours
: Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

For Saturday or Sunday, please call us to make an appointment .

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